Cinquain about maple

The Shiteki Na Usagi post ‘My Son’s First Sonnet‘ reminded me that last week I wrote my first сinquain when I was helping the son of my acquaintance to do homework in Chuvash language(my native one). Of course, the сinquain was in Chuvash. Composing it was interesting and funny. The subject was maple.

This is the original:


ӳсет, чечекленет, симĕсленет.

Улăхса ларас килет.


This is translation:

It grows, blooms, turns green.
I want to climb and sit there.

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4 Responses to Cinquain about maple

  1. I’m really bad with lanuages and writing poetry. Maples are the most beautiful trees.

  2. ameiji says:

    Never heard of cinquain before. This one is good. うまい ^_~

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