Meet brand new science! It’s called Hibikology…


Let’s make science from it. And let’s name the science hibikology (to those who can propose a better sounding (more euphonic) name for it I will say: “どうぞ!”) . And let’s define its place among other scientific disciplines: hibikology ← kyoaniology ← animeology ← japanology or hibikology ← ranobeology ← Japanese phylology ← japanology.
“Wait a minute!”, you will say, “Explain these terms!” Ok, I’ll do it.

Hibikology – a science which studies “Hibike! Yuufoniamu” (“Sound! Euphonium”) in all its forms (ranobe, manga, anime).
Kyoaniology – a science which studies all that is related to Kyoto Animation studio.
Animeology – a science which studies anime.
Ranobeology – a science which studies ranobe.

Hibikology may be divided into four branches:
Hibikology of the ranobe.
Hibikology of the anime.
Hibikology of the manga.
Comparative hibikology.

Yes, I scientified it too much . It’s too scientific. It’s kagakushisugi (科学し過ぎ) = my thinking is too scientific. Do not criticize me for it. It’s my individuality. And popularised (= fun & interesting) or amateurish hibikology, I think, already exists (in the form of anime fan’s reviews, reflections etc.).
So, who wants to be a hibikologist?…

PS: Will hibikology be ever helpful for humankind? I have my doubts concerning it…

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久美子は面白い人物です。麗奈が言ったとおり: 「やっぱり、久美子は性格わるい」。

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Где я сейчас работаю… Where I work now…

Я работаю сейчас в Центре здорового образа жизни “Дорога Жизни” в деревне Дубки Перевозского района Нижегородской области.

I work now at The Healthy Lifestyle Center called “Doroga zhizni” (The Way of Life) and is situated in Dubki village, Nizhegorodskaya region.

Там такая красивая природа. Вот ссылка на блог центра.

There is such a beautiful nature there! Here is link to blog of the Center.

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Health Principles – 健康の原理


N – nutrition – 栄養

E – excercises – 運動

W – water – 水

S – sunshine – 日照

T – temperance – 自粛

A – air – 空気

R – rest – 安息

T – trust in God – 全世界を創造した神様に信じること (信託)

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Bad decisions, good decisions…

How to make right desicions? I made a lot of bad, poor and wrong decisions… Maybe, I made them more than right desicions. And now I suffer from the consequences… How stupid am I!!

I know that there is only One who always makes right decisions. It is God.

How do you make decisions?

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Strange clouds in Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic, Russia

Strange clouds in Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic, Russia, September, 4, 2011, about 6:15 am (video is here:



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The big willow

I am now on my vacation. I live in the town called Shumerlya. In neighbor village also called Shumerlya I have found big willow.

the big willow in the village of Shumerlya, photo1



There are several such big willows in the village.

the big willow in the village of Shumerlya, photo2

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